The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Reuben Wenndt. Councilmembers present on roll call: Conrad, Ryan, Olsen, Madden. Absent: Decker. Visitors: Gene Hamdorf, Pat Kroemer.

M/S Conrad, Olsen to approve the minutes of the 3-6-06 meeting. Ayes: All.

M/S Conrad, Ryan to approve payment of the bills as presented. Ayes: All.

M/S Olsen, Madden to approve payment of the CDBG bills-Draw #6-Gardner Architecture-Inv.5-$1330.00 and local-$1470.00, ECIA-Inv.3981-$250.49 and Gardner Architecture-Inv.6-$6500.00. Ayes: All.

Council noted Everett Kruckenberg will block off a portion of 4th Street between Grant Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue for an auction on April 8.

M/S Madden, Ryan to go out for bids to replace the north portion of the City Hall roof, repair the area around the siren, patch spots on the slate roof, be responsible for disposal of all refuse with work to be completed by June 1, 2006. Ayes: All. Bids are to be returned by April 24, 12:00 PM. City will furnish all materials. Eavespouts will be replaced after the roof is finished.

Council discussed the contract the City has with Watertower Paint and Repair. This year the tower is scheduled to have the exterior painted at a cost of $14376 and the interior sandblasted and a coat of epoxy for $22729. Also, a new frost jacket is needed with the cost being $9975. Council questioned whether all of these things needed to be done since the City is looking into replacing the tower in the next few years. Gene Hamdorf suggested having Iowa Rural Water Association come to a meeting to discuss funding for water projects, since the City was denied CDBG funding for two years in a row. After discussion, M/S Ryan, Conrad to paint the interior of the tower and epoxy, $22729, and replace the frost jacket, $9975. Ayes: All. City will delay the exterior paint job.

Discussion was held on placement of curb and gutter on Washington Avenue south of 5th Street. Lisa Decker already has had a curb and gutter permit approved for 309 Washington Avenue, but neighboring properties do not have curb and gutter. Council would like to see the remaining street with curb and gutter so all curb would be connected on that street. Council directed Gene Hamdorf to get a price from Jim Leeper for curb and gutter for the area south of Merle Bentrott to Main Street. Then the Street Committee will speak to those property owners about installing curb and inform them the City will pay for one-half of the curb and gutter project.

M/S Ryan, Olsen to amend the agenda to add: Approve Final Plat of Conrad’s First Addition. Ayes: All.

M/S Ryan, Olsen to approve Resolution #03-06 for the final plat of Conrad’s First Addition, a subdivision in Cedar County. Ayes: All.

M/S Conrad, Madden to have the first reading, waive the second and third readings, and adopt Ordinance #772 raising the water rates to $4.80/per thousand gallons with a 2500 gallon minimum every two months and meters to be read every two months. Ayes: All.

M/S Ryan, Madden to have the first reading, waive the second and third readings, and adopt ordinance #773 raising the sewer rates to $4.80/per thousand gallons with a 2500 gallon minimum every two months and meters to be read every two months. Olsen questioned the sewer rate increase since the City has a significant amount in the sewer fund. Gene Hamdorf said there are new standards by the DNR which the City is not in compliance with and upgrades in the future will be necessary. He did not know what the cost of upgrading might be. Roll call vote - Ayes: Conrad, Ryan, Madden. Nays: Olsen.

Council directed clerk to send letters to Marlon Lange, Wes Griesbach, and Wes Stender to clean up nuisances on their properties.

Council discussed eliminating all burn barrels and open burning in Lowden. M/S Ryan, Olsen to ban burn barrels and burning of refuse in Lowden. Ayes:
All. An ordinance stating the above will be prepared for the May meeting.

Council tabled the Cedar County Land Use Plan. Councilman Ryan will review the plan and the item will be placed on the May meeting agenda.

Council discussed limiting the number of pets per household in Lowden. Clerk will contact some other towns and see if they have ordinances that address this.
M/S Olsen, Conrad to approve the monthly financial report. Ayes: All.

M/S Conrad, Ryan to approve the following permits: Dan Hamdorf-portable carport, Aaron Horman-utility shed. Ayes: All.

Gene Hamdorf reported the summer street work will be done in mid-June by MSI. Council is to look at streets to see what areas need to be repaired or sealcoated.
Gene expressed concern about east 5th Street Place because there is no area for the garbage truck or recycling trailer to turn around.

Council questioned Gene on why the addition of fluoride to the water supply was discontinued. He said he stopped using fluoride in the water because the City began using phosphates to eliminate the rust problem. He also thought the fluoride might be causing some of the rust problems in the water lines. Hamdorf said another pump would be needed for fluoride addition and would be extra time consuming.

Council approved the purchase of a new broom for the street sweeper at a cost of $352. Council wants Main Street swept twice a month. Council also approved the purchase of two new tires from Matt Curley for the 750 diesel mower at a cost of $225.

Councilman Olsen presented a list of ditches that need to be dug out. Olsen will talk to the property owners near the ditches and the subject will be discussed at the May meeting.

M/S Ryan, Olsen to adjourn at 9:23 PM. Ayes: All.

Next regular meeting is May 1, 2006, 7:00 PM.

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