The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was call to order by Mayor Pro Tem Dan Hamdorf. Councilmembers present on roll call: Conrad, Gottschalk, Decker, Kroemer. Visitors: Jason Miller, Larry Nagle, Kristina Gonzalez, Deloris Kahl, Gary Oster, Pat Kroemer, Tom Schwarz, Gene Hamdorf, Harlan Pruess.

M/S Kroemer, Conrad to approve the minutes of the 4-4-05 meeting. Ayes: All.

M/S Conrad, Decker to approve payment of the bills as presented. Ayes: All.

Gary Oster was present to ask the council what the intentions are with the tile that runs alongside his lot on Grant Avenue. There is a culvert that runs under the street to the back of his property and then discharges water on his lot. Council directed maintenance men to shoot the area to see what the fall is and find out where the easement is so a culvert can be installed there.

Harlan Pruess, visitor, was told by the council he needs to have a Final Plat of the Pruess Third Addition prepared by his engineer. The final plat will show the City Engineer’s recommendations. It can then be presented to the Lowden City Council for final approval.

Kristina Gonzalez and Deloris Kahl were present with complaints of rust in the water. They say it has been an ongoing problem for months. Dan Hamdorf told them the water filters were down for several months and then there were two water main breaks which could cause more rust in the water. He also said the water tower will be cleaned in the next few weeks and hopes that will help eliminate rust problems as well. If that doesn’t work, the City will have to look at other methods to eliminate rust in the water.

Council decided to consider raising water rates in the next few months which may help the City’s chances of receiving a Community Development Block Grant next year for a new water tower. Therefore, at this time, the City decided not to accept State Revolving Loan Funds from the DNR for this year. Council will discuss a water rate increase at the June meeting.

Council directed Gene Hamdorf to see if a stop sign can be placed on the left side of the one-way street on Park Ave., at the Park Ave. and 6th St. intersection. Council also noted the Cedar County Sheriff has been watching for speeders in the 25 mph zone on old Hwy. 30 coming into Lowden from the east.

M/S Kroemer, Conrad to waive the 2nd reading and have the 3rd reading of Ordinance 764 whereby McKinley Avenue from Main Street to 10th Street is designated for parallel parking only. Ayes: All.

Councilman Kroemer said there have been numerous complaints about why the Mayor is mowing lawn for the City when a high school youth could do mowing and help with garbage/recycling when needed. Conrad said the City needs to have a backup man to help when the maintenance men are gone. Dan Hamdorf said the City maintenance men should be able to handle all the mowing. After discussion, M/S Kroemer, Conrad to hire a high school student (16 yrs. or older) for mowing and garbage/recycling pickup, part-time, on call, as needed. Ayes: Conrad, Kroemer. Nays: Gottschalk, Decker, Hamdorf. Motion defeated. M/S Hamdorf, Gottschalk to have the City maintenance men do all the mowing. Ayes: Conrad, Gottschalk, Hamdorf, Kroemer. Nays: Decker.

Prices were presented for a new riding lawn mower from Strackbein’s. M/S Hamdorf, Gottschalk to purchase a John Deere, GX 335 two cylinder, 48’deck mower from Strackbein’s at a cost of $5730.00. Ayes: Gottschalk, Hamdorf, Decker, Kroemer. Nays: Conrad.

Council decided the City does not need a new weedeater.

Councilman Conrad will obtain a railroad tie to replace a rotten one along the curb by Bob Madden’s on Jefferson Avenue and City men will install the r.r. tie.

Council discussed the policy on lending out picnic tables from Lowden Memorial Park. Currently, the policy states only the Lowden Commercial Club can use the tables from the Park. Some of the council felt other non-profit organizations should be allowed to use the tables. M/S Kroemer, Decker to allow non-profit organizations to use the picnic tables from Lowden Memorial Park. Ayes: Conrad, Gottschalk, Decker, Kroemer. Nays: Hamdorf.

Gene Hamdorf is checking with Iowa Rural Water Association on discontinuing the addition of fluoride in the City’s water. He also said they will be televising and jetting sewer lines this week and then will work on installing the new street signs and poles.

Gene will get prices for installing the new pump at the wastewater plant. He reported new culverts will be put in along north 4th Street by Marge Doser’s shed and in another driveway to the east of the building.

Maintenance man Tim Burmeister will be ordering 5 pairs of pants from Wearguard.

M/S Conrad, Decker to not paint traffic lines on Main Street and Washington Avenue when Cedar County is doing similar work in the area. Ayes: Conrad, Gottschalk, Decker, Hamdorf. Nays: Kroemer.

M/S Kroemer, Hamdorf to approve the monthly treasurer’s report. Ayes: All.

Clerk told the Council Marilyn Lafrenz will be blocking off a section of Harding Avenue inside 4th to 5th Streets for an auction on June 11.

M/S Decker, Kroemer to approve the following permits: J & J Grocery - cigarette permit, liquor license and Sunday Sales, Lowden Fast Stop - liquor license and Sunday Sales, David and Dawn Adney-deck. Ayes: All. A permit from Barbara Schnede for a deck was denied and a new permit must be completed and presented for approval.

M/S Hamdorf, Gottschalk to adjourn at 9:25 PM. Ayes: All.

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