The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Dan Hamdorf.   Council members present on roll call:  Ryan, Olsen, Decker, Hoffmeier.   Absent:  Conrad.  Visitors:  Gene Hamdorf, Pat Kroemer, Kirk Steinke, Brian Searcy, Steve Noack, Heather Hunter, Pearl Huffman.

M/S Ryan, Hoffmeier to approve the minutes of the 4/4/11 and 4/14/11 meetings with the following correction in the 4/4/11 minutes: “four bids were received for the 1977 Ford fire truck”.  Ayes:  All.

M/S Hoffmeier, Olsen to approve payment of the bills as presented. Ayes: All.

Brian Searcy and Steve Noack, MMS Consultants, were present to update the City Council on the wastewater plant project plans.   They are doing a “SSES” sewer system evaluation survey and checking on the infiltration of ground water.  They said the plant is structurally deficient but operating well and meeting requirements.  The City Council will need to discuss the application for CDBG funds for the sewer plant project.  A decision will also have to be made if a larger capacity plant is needed, based on the population trend in Lowden.  Manholes will be located in the next several weeks by the maintenance men and JJJ Enterprises and risers will be added to manholes as needed. MMS Consultants will report back to the Council with additional information at the June or July meeting.

M/S Ryan, Decker to fine Rodney Lange, 304 McKinley Avenue, for violation of the City’s building permit ordinance, whereby he built a garage without a building permit.
Ayes:  All.   The City Attorney will be contacted to assist in the procedure to administer the fine.

City Council said maintenance men will do mowing for any vacated lots in Lowden.

Mayor Hamdorf will find part-time help, $10/hr., to assist with garbage and recycling pickup and mowing.

Council discussed summer street work.  Some thought Main Street from the 3-30 Club entrance east to the City limits should be a priority this yr.   The quote last yr. for a double seal on that area was $43,346.    Gene will check with MSI, Wyoming, for prices this year and Mayor Hamdorf will check with LL Pelling for prices.  Barry Hoffmeier said he would look into if there is any money available for improvements on a historic highway (Lincoln Highway).

June 6, 2011, 7:00 PM, was set for a Public Hearing on the FY2011 budget amendment.

Mayor will check out a tile/drainage issue in the alley area behind 505 Hall Avenue that runs over to Hall Avenue.  Gene said if the tile is broken or plugged there, that is the property owner’s responsibility, not the City’s.  

M/S Decker, Hoffmeier to have the first reading of Ordinance #794 to add a $1.00/month water meter user fee to water bills.   Ayes:  All.

M/S Decker, Ryan to waive the second reading, have the third reading and adopt ordinance #794 adding a $1.00/month water meter user fee to water bills.  Ayes:  All.

Pearl Huffman, visitor, questioned the Council on why the charges for special meetings are different.   Council said it depends on the reason the meeting is called.  Situations are different and could range from someone being negligent on submitting a  building/liquor permit in a timely manner or a meeting called to decide an important City issue.  City Council is paid $50/meeting but sometimes waive that fee or reduce it if they 
choose to.

M/S Ryan, Decker to approve the monthly financial report.  Ayes:  All.

Kirk Steinke, new employee, asked to take off Sept. 7-11, with no pay, for a vacation he had planned before he was hired by the City.  City Council said that was fine.

Gene asked to get prices for a new fence which will surround the new wastewater plant.  Council said it is okay to get prices but they do not want to do the work this year.

Gene told the Street Committee to talk to Steve Poppe about his complaint of water running off  5th Street down onto his driveway.

Council questioned Gene Hamdorf on what he was doing with the old brass water meters that have removed from houses.   He said he has been scrapping them.  City  Council told him he should reimburse the City for any money he has received for  scrapping the old meters because they are City property. 

Mayor Hamdorf told Gene his work hours from now on will be 6:00 a.m. to
3:00 p.m.with a 1 hr. lunch or 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with a ½ hr. lunch.  Kirk Steinke’s hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a 1 hr. lunch.

M/S Ryan, Hoffmeier to approve the following permits:  Cedar Country Store-liquor license, J & J Grocery-liquor license, 3-30 Country Club-liquor license, pending dram shop liability insurance, Ricky Schneider-grain bin, pending Chuck Ryan checking the proper distance from property lines, Barbra Colvin-shed, pending Gene Hamdorf checking the proper distance from property lines.  Ayes:  All. Alvin Licht’s building permit for a garage extension was denied due to incomplete information.

M/S Ryan, Decker to hold the bill to ECINC, $1778, for wastewater pump repair until Galen Conrad reports back to the Council with an explanation of the repairs.

Lisa Decker reported she has had complaints about alcohol drinking and open containers in the Fire Station and in Fire vehicles.  Chuck Ryan said he spoke to Fire Chief, Derrick Lange, about the complaint, but thought nothing had changed with the firemen’s behavior.   Kirk Steinke, Fire President, told the City Council the firemen were reprimanded for the misconduct.  City Council reaffirmed there is a major liability issue with this behavior and it has to cease.

M/S Olsen, Ryan to adjourn at 9:03 p.m. to the next regular meeting, June 6, 2011, 7:00 p.m.  Ayes:  All.

Dan Hamdorf, Mayor
Peggy Kedley, City Clerk

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