The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Reuben Wenndt. Council members present on roll call: Conrad, Olsen, Decker, Madden. Absent: Ryan. Visitors: Louis Licht, Wes Griesbach, Kirk Hein, Pat Kroemer, Gene Hamdorf, Kent Stout, Mark Schneider, Jim Rice, Joyce Rice, David Horman, Tom Schwarz, Larry Wiebel, Julie Hoffmeier, Jane Drewelow.

M/S Conrad, Olsen to approve the minutes of the 5-7-07 meeting. Ayes: All.

M/S Madden, Decker to approve payment of the bills as presented and approval to pay end of FY07 bills. Ayes: All.

M/S Olsen, Madden to have the first reading of Ordinance 777 whereby stop signs will be placed on Main Street at Country Club Drive, east and west. Ayes: All.

Louis Licht was present and said he is still working on an alternative to our wastewater treatment plant operation. He also informed the council he will have a coffee bar at the former Lowden Lumber Co. building.

M/S Conrad, Decker to have the first reading of Ordinance 778 whereby permits will be required for fences in the City of Lowden. Ayes: All.

Larry Wiebel, Lowden Sesquicentennial Committee, presented an update on the celebration plans for August. He said two additional police reserve officers will be hired for the weekend at a cost of approx. $320, a dram shop liability policy will cost $650, and there will be fireworks during the celebration. He asked for the council’s approval for these items. M/S Madden, Decker to approve a fireworks display for the Lowden Sesquicentennial and the City will assume the cost of additional police protection and liability insurance. Ayes: All.

Kent Stout, Little Home Day Care Center, asked the council to consider placement of a roll out stop sign on 8th Street by the new day care center to help ensure the safety of children. Council agreed to have a new ordinance prepared and have the first reading at the July meeting.

Two proposals were received for a new roof on three sides of City Hall. City will supply the materials. Power Enterprises, Eldridge, proposed a cost of $23,940 to remove and lay a new roof. Conrad Construction, Jason Conrad, proposed a cost of $14,200 to remove and lay a new roof on three sides. M/S Olsen, Decker to approve Jason Conrad’s proposal of $14,200 to tear off and put a new roof on three sides of City Hall. Ayes: All. Work is to be done after the Sesquicentennial celebration in August.

M/S Olsen, Decker to transfer remaining funds from the Library’s FY07 budget to their savings. Ayes: All.

Jane Drewelow, on behalf of the Lowden Park Board, presented two estimates for new lights for the softball field at Lowden Memorial Park. The lights are old, not bright enough and not safe for players. New poles are not needed. MUSCO Lighting bid $19,900 for the lights and $9000 for Bray Electric to install them. Arden Lighting bid $31,800 for new lights and installation. M/S Madden, Decker to approve the purchase of new lights from MUSCO, $19,900, and installation by Bray Electric, $9000. Ayes: All. $5000 from the Park fund will pay for a portion of the cost of the lights. The remaining amount will be paid from the FY08 City budget or if funds are not available in FY08, the remaining amount will be financed through American Trust and Savings Bank.

Mark Schneider, ECIA, was present with information on the Housing Rehabilitation Program that is going forward in Lowden. M/S Olsen, Decker to approve Resolution #05-07 authorizing the contract for 2007 IDED Housing Fund Grant administration to ECIA. Ayes: All. M/S Decker, Madden to request for qualifications/proposals for technical services for the 2007 Housing Rehabilitation program to be selected at the July 2, 2007 meeting. Ayes: All. Mayor appointed a three-person Housing Rehabilitation Committee –Jim Rice, Jim Olsen, and Peggy Kedley. This committee will be available for final inspections and will be the final and binding vote if any disputes arise from the applicants or rehabilitation process.

M/S Olsen, Decker to allow reimbursement of cell phone expenses at $25/month for both Gene Hamdorf and Tim Burmeister beginning 7/1/07. Ayes: Olsen, Decker, Madden. Nays: Conrad.

Council discussed and reiterated the ordinance whereby water is to be shut off after the late fee period has expired should be strictly enforced by City Hall. No more exceptions.

M/S Olsen, Madden to approve the monthly financial report. Ayes: All.

M/S Decker, Madden to approve the following building permits: David Horman-garage, Paul Wisor-shed extension. Ayes: All.

M/S Olsen, Decker to approve the following permits: J & J Grocery-cigarette permit and Beer Permit and Sunday Sales, 3-30 Country Club-Class C Liquor License, Outdoor Service Area Permit and Sunday Sales, pending receipt of dram shop liability certificate, Lowden Legion-Class C Liquor License and Sunday Sales, pending receipt of dram shop liability certificate, Lowden Sesquicentennial Committee-Class B License, Outdoor Service Area Permit, and Sunday Sales, pending receipt of dram shop liability certificate.
Ayes: All.

Mayor Wenndt will speak to the Cedar County Sheriff about enforcement of the City’s curfew ordinance.

Council approved pay for an additional two hours of work per week for the City Clerk. The additional pay will be based on prorating her monthly salary. City Clerk will work 7:30-12:00 PM Monday through Thursday, beginning July 1, 2007. Posted hours will remain 8-12, Monday through Thursday.

M/S Conrad, Olsen to adjourn at 8:54 PM. Ayes: All. Next regular meeting is July 2, 2007, 7:00 PM.

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