The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Dan Hamdorf.   Council members present on roll call:  Conrad, Ryan, Olsen, Decker, Hoffmeier.  Visitors:  Gene Hamdorf, Pat Kroemer, Kevin Lange, Clark Gordon, Victor Young, Derrick Lange, Wes Stender, Kay Stender, Troy Stender, Tina Stender, Melissa Helmold, Matt Snell, Wayne Behne, Joe Goodlove, Aaron Horman, Jan Olsen, Bob Tobin, Jay Hein, Rob Hunter.

M/S Ryan, Hoffmeier, to approve the minutes of the 5-3-10 and 5-13-10 meetings. Ayes: All.

M/S Conrad, Ryan to approve bills as presented.  Ayes:  All.

Melissa Helmold, candidate for Cedar County Recorder, introduced herself to the Council.

M/S Ryan, Olsen to open the Public Hearing on the FY10 budget amendment. Ayes:  All.   The budget amendment shows the expenses for the bridge replacement payment, new tractor, and City Shed addition.

There being no written or oral objections to the FY10 budget amendment,

M/S Decker, Olsen to close the Public Hearing.  Ayes:  All.

M/S Decker, Olsen to approve Resolution #10-03 adopting the FY10 budget amendment.  Ayes:  All.

Bob Tobin, MMS Engineers, presented the proposed agreement for scope of services for the wastewater treatment facility project and financial aid.   Basic services of the agreement will include assisting the City in applying for loan funds from the IA Finance Authority and submittal of engineering reports to the DNR.  The initial cost will be approximately $3000.  For investigating the City’s sewer system for infiltration and inflow, the cost could be $5000-$10000.  For the SRF Environmental Review, preparation of the Intended Use Plan for project funds, and revision of the preliminary engineering report, the cost will be $5000-$7000.

M/S Conrad, Hoffmeier to accept Resolution #10-02, approving the professional services agreement with MMS Engineers for the proposed wastewater treatment plant project.  Ayes:  All.

M/S Conrad, Hoffmeier to donate $25 to the Lincoln Highway Association for their annual brochure as requested by Joe Goodlove, representing the Lincoln Highway Assn.  Ayes:  All.

Wayne Behne was present to request something be done with the creek bank behind his home at 300 Hall Avenue.  He has asked the City repeatedly since 2003 to address the erosion problem occurring there.  He said the water from the culvert shoots against the bank and is washing away.  Mayor Hamdorf said 20’ of plank and 3 to 4 posts could be installed there to shore up the area.  The work could be done by JJJ enterprises for an approximate cost of $300.

M/S Ryan, Olsen to have the City hire JJJ Enterprises this summer to shore up the creek bank behind 300 Hall Avenue with planks and posts at an estimated cost of $300.  Ayes:  All.

Council discussed the purchase of radio read water meters for the City.  Gene Hamdorf reported the cost for a new meter with a radio read head would be $185 and the cost for a new head only for existing meters would be $141.  Currently, the City has approximately 400 meters.  Council considered replacing any meters that are 10 years old or older and possibly purchasing the new meters in stages and start with 150 meters. The City would want the same pricing for all the meters. 

M/S Conrad, Hoffmeier to proceed with the purchase of the radio read meter system for Lowden and begin with the purchase of 150 meters.  Ayes;  All. 

Council then discussed who would do the installation of all the new meters and heads. Council decided they would like to go out for bids for the installation work.   At the time of the meter installations, the person doing the work could also check for infiltration into the City’s sewer system.

M/S Hoffmeier, Ryan to have Ecolotree pay their April water bill of $173.20 as billed.  Ayes:  All.   Louis Licht, Ecolotree, told the maintenance men he felt the amount was not correct because of metering problems, but the maintenance men said the meter reading was correct.

Council discussed establishing a policy for filling swimming pools by the Lowden Fire Department.  Council person Ryan felt that is not what the Fire Dept. is for.  He questioned why the Fire Dept. would use City water to fill out of town swimming pools and who pays for the gas for the trips.   Derrick Lange said the Fire Dept. makes some good money from donations for the pool filling.   Council said the City needs to be reimbursed for the City water/sales tax and needs to know who gets the water and how much.

M/S Conrad, Hoffmeier to have the Fire Dept. notify City Hall when they fill a pool and provide the name and gallons used. The City will bill the people accordingly and double the cost to allow for gas use.  Ayes:  All.  This service will only be for people in Lowden’s fire district.

M/S Decker, Ryan to authorize Clerk to pay end of FY10 bills.  Ayes:  All.

Jay Hein told the Council he would like to have a culvert placed along Washington Avenue  to fill in the ditch by his new business south of the Fire Station. He said he would need about 200’ of 15” culvert.  Council told Jay it is the City’s policy for him to pay for the culvert and the City will install it.  The City will also put in a drop box at the end of the culvert.

Wes Stender was present and told the Council he objected to the  nuisance letter recently sent to him by the City to clean up his property at 85 1st Street.   There are old cars, loader parts, truck boxes, etc. sitting around the property.  He said this is commercial property and some of those items are for sale.   Council said he is to keep all cars/parts inside or within a fenced area.  Stender said he would build a fence to enclose the area where he keeps junk items.

Kevin Lange was also present to discuss the nuisance abatement notice he received.  He said he has cleaned up some of his property and is continuing to work on it.  Council told him to just keep wood, etc. stacked up neatly and keep the weeds and grass cut.

M/S Decker, Olsen to approve the monthly financial report.  Ayes:  All.

M/S Ryan, Hoffmeier to approve the following permits:  sidewalk permit-Louis Miller (Jim Olsen will look at the sidewalk), liquor license-3-30 Club, liquor license-Lowden Legion, shed addition-Mel Hamilton, fence permit-Pat Kedley, cigarette permit-Cedar  
Country Store, deck-Dave Sander.  Ayes:  All.   Building permits for Craig Wiebel-garage addition and house addition and Jeff Decker-garage addition will be sent to the Zoning Board of Adjustment for consideration due to the additions being closer to property lines than required.

Gene Hamdorf received permission from the Council to order a new wastewater flow meter at a cost of $5025.

At the July meeting, the Street Committee will have a list of streets that need to be repaired and sealcoated this summer.

Galen Conrad will bring pictures to the July meeting of the sidewalks at 200 Washington Avenue to see what repairs are needed there.

M/S Decker, Ryan to adjourn at 9:15 PM.  Ayes:  All.

Next regular meeting is July 5, 2010, 7:00 PM.

Dan Hamdorf, Mayor
Peggy Kedley, City Clerk

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