The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Reuben Wenndt. Councilmembers present on roll call: Conrad, Ryan, Olsen, Decker, Madden. Visitors: Pat Kroemer, Gene Hamdorf, Wes Stender, Kay Stender, Jim Rice, Joyce Rice, Bill Norton, Lori Boedeker.

M/S Ryan, Conrad to approve the minutes of the 6-4-07 meeting. Ayes: All.

M/S Conrad, Decker to approve the bills as presented. Ayes: All.

Lori Boedeker, Lowden Floor Coverings, told the Council the boiler in the basement of their business had a leak and they had excessive water usage,
27400 gallons, in a two month period. She was asking if the City would consider adjusting the sewer portion, $131.52, of the bill. Council said they have had other requests for adjustments on water bills due to leaks and have not done so in the past, so an adjustment would not be made for them either.

M/S Ryan, Conrad to waive the 2nd reading, have the 3rd reading, and adopt Ordinance #777, for placement of a stop sign at Main Street and Country Club Drive, going east and west. Ayes: All.

M/S Conrad, Decker to waive the 2nd reading, have the 3rd reading, and adopt Ordinance #778, regulating construction of fences in Lowden. Ayes: All.
M/S Conrad, Ryan to have the 1st reading of Ordinance #779, whereby a roll-out stop sign will be placed on 8th Street north of the new Little Home Day Care Center, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Ayes: All.

Wes Stender was present to discuss a nuisance abatement notice he received concerning junk vehicles, vehicle parts, and weeds on his property on 1st Street. He said he doesn’t have noxious weeds and he said if it wasn’t mowed it was because his mower was broken or he was too busy. Council said he has had some cars or car parts stored on this property for years. Stender said he wants to build a fence and Council told him he would need his property surveyed before a fence permit could be issued. They also told him all of his vehicles and car parts are to be stored within a fenced area or in the building. Council directed Clerk to send Stender a letter informing him he has 30 days to get a survey done and then can apply for a fence permit.

M/S Decker, Ryan to approve Resolution #06-07 to appoint a Housing Rehabilitation Committee, Jim Rice, Jim Olsen, and Peggy Kedley, to oversee the administration of the CDBG housing grant. Ayes: All.

M/S Ryan, Conrad to approve ECIA for administration of technical services for the CDBG Housing Rehabilitation project in Lowden. Ayes: All.

M/S Madden, Decker to approve Resolution #06-08 authorizing and approving a Loan Agreement and providing for the issuance and securing the payment of a $330,000 Child Care Enterprise Revenue Note. Ayes: All.

Bill Norton asked the Council if the old day care building could be used for a public purpose. He said the fence and little storage building would be removed.
Council questioned what the building would be used for and who would maintain it. Councilperson Olsen told Norton the Park Board, comprised of Dan Hamdorf, Jan Olsen, and Tim Drewelow are not in favor of keeping the building there and would like the building removed. Council told Norton to come back to the next meeting if he would have a good idea for future use of the building.

M/S Olsen, Ryan to accept a donation of a granite bench at Lowden Memorial Park in memory Denise Norton Hill, from the Norton Family. Ayes: All. Mayor Wenndt said the Lowden Park Board will help establish placement of the bench in the Park.

M/S Ryan, Decker to call for a special election to specify what the revenues from the excess 1% Local Option Sales and Service Tax collected for the Cedar County Law Enforcement Center will be used for by the City of Lowden - 100% for the specific purpose of infrastructure of the City’s water lines, water tower, sewer lines, and streets. Ayes: All.

Joyce Rice was present to ask if the burn ban could be lifted for several weeks in the fall for leaf burning. She said it is difficult for elderly and others to bag leaves and haul them to the wastewater plant dump site. Council said they did not want to change the ordinance because they felt people have really adjusted well to no burning in town. Council discussed raking leaves to the curb and using a vacuum to pick up leaves. Chuck Ryan and Galen Conrad will check into a leaf vacuum and report back at the next meeting. Mayor Wenndt will also bring up the subject at the next Mayor’s meeting about possible sharing of equipment like this.

M/S Decker, Conrad to have Watertower Paint and Repair paint the exterior of the water tower this year at a cost of approximately $15,000. Ayes: All. This work was delayed since the City had some major standpipe repair expenses on the tower last year.

M/S Decker, Madden to approve the monthly financial report. Ayes: All.

Clerk reminded the Council, at the end of each fiscal year, Library, Rescue, and Fire Departments should all make specific requests to be approved by the Council to transfer any unused budget funds to their savings accounts - it is not an automatic transfer.

Mayor Wenndt instructed maintenance men to trim trees that are hanging too low over streets. Chuck Ryan will speak to David DeWine about using his lift for the work. Mayor also told maintenance men to have parking space lines painted on Main Street before the Sesquicentennial.

Council discussed the need for a sidewalk to the 3-30 Club from Roosevelt Ave. east. Mayor directed Gene Hamdorf to get the exact width of Main Street in that location and have a report for the next meeting.

M/S Ryan, Decker to approve a cigarette permit for Lowden Fast Stop, and a sidewalk permit for Carey Howard. Ayes: All.

Chuck Ryan will look at the ditch behind Wayne Behne’s to check for erosion.

Gene Hamdorf will get a price from Welby Leeper for curb and gutter on both sides of Roosevelt Avenue.

Clerk will contact the school about mowing and cleaning the ditch by the creek on their property south of the bridge at Lowden Memorial Park.

M/S Madden, Ryan to adjourn at 8:42 PM. Ayes: All. Next regular meeting is August 6, 2007, 7:00 PM

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