The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Reuben Wenndt.  Councilmembers present on roll call:  Conrad, Hintz, Kroemer, Clark, Hamdorf.  Visitors:  Gene Hamdorf, Pat Kroemer, Nadine Schwarz, Tom Schwarz, Wes Griesbach, Barb McCreight, Joyce Rice, Mike Blake, Mark Fox, Vicky Wishmire, Melanie Hoffner, Gerlad Behrle, Bill Rohloff, Rudy Quevas, Bill Norton.

M/S Kroemer, Hamdorf to approve the minutes of the 6/2 03 meeting.  Ayes:  All.

M/S Hintz, Conrad to pay the bills as presented with the exception of the stump grinding bill of $35.00 at Bob Fisher’s.  Ayes:  All.  Council determined the stump grinding bill is the property owner’s responsibility.

M/S Hamdorf, Hintz to borrow $47,970 from American Trust & Savings Bank for payment of the balance on the new baseball diamond lights from Musco, with payback over a three-year period. Ayes:  Hintz, Clark, Hamdorf.  Nays:  Conrad, Kroemer.

Mike Blake was present to inform the council the survey has been completed on his property at the Blake Apts.  He will be building garages on the north side of his apartments and they will be the required 7-1/2 ft. from the property line, but only 2-1/2 ft. from Schnede’s garage which is 5 ft. over the property line. He told the council he will also install the sidewalks.

M/S Hintz, Conrad to open the Public Hearing on the proposed amendment to the Schwarz TIF development agreement.  Ayes:  All.

Schwarz asked the council for an additional $70,000 to develop seven more lots east of his present development on 5th St. Pl.  Schwarz estimated his cost at $135,000 to extend the street and install curb, water, and sewer lines. 

Mark Fox, LEDCO, said this development is an advantage for the town and hoped the council would approve the request.  

M/S Hintz, Hamdorf to close the Public Hearing and open the meeting.  Ayes:  All.

M/S Clark, Kroemer to not extend the TIF agreement amount by an additional $70,000.  Ayes:  Kroemer, Clark.  Nays:  Conrad, Hintz, Hamdorf.  Motion not passed.

M/S Hintz, Hamdorf to extend the TIF agreement amount by an additional $70,000.  Ayes:  Hintz, Hamdorf.  Nays:  Conrad, Kroemer, Clark. Motion not passed.

M/S Conrad, Hamdorf to extend theTIF agreement amount by an additional $50,000.  Ayes:  Conrad, Hintz, Hamdorf.  Nays:  Kroemer, Clark.  Motion passed.

Council instructed City Clerk to contact the City Engineer regarding the proposed new development.

M/S Kroemer, Hamdorf to approve a building permit for an addition at Little Home Day Care Center:  Ayes:  All. 

Bob Kroemer noted another batting cage has been added at the Park and a corner pole is in the middle of the walking path.  Mayor and Council said they were never informed of this change.  They agreed they did not have a problem with the change as long as the walking path is re-routed correctly.

Melanie Hoffner, daughter of Edward Kramer, was present with a request that the City shore up the creek bank by her parents home on 5th Street.  Council said many other homes along the creek have similar problems.  Councilman Conrad, Gene Hamdorf, and Mayor Wenndt will look at the area and report back to the council.

M/S Clark, Hamdorf to close McKinley Avenue from Main Street to the Railroad Depot on August 17 for a car show as requested by Bill Rohloff.  Ayes:  All.  Rohloff stated there will be no alcohol involved.

The Alliant Energy lease agreement for a new fence at the Roosevelt Avenue substation was tabled until the City Attorney reviews the agreement.

Vicky Wishmire was present to inform the council the Lakota Nation Walk through Lowden will be on August 11.  Council said they would be interested in providing a refreshment stand and asked Wishmire to inform City Hall of the estimated number of walkers coming through Lowden that day.

An estimate from Jim’s Tree Service, Mt. Vernon, for removing a tree at 402 Hall Avenue was $620 and topping out a tree at 202 Hall Avenue was $440. 

M/S Hintz, Hamdorf to get another estimate from McNeill’s Tree Service in Tipton and if the estimate is considerably lower the Mayor may approve the tree removal and trim work.  Ayes:  All.

M/S Kroemer, Hintz to approve the City’s investment policy.  Ayes:  All.

M/S Kroemer, Hamdorf to approve Resolution #01-04 approving employee salaries for FY04.  Ayes: All.

M/S Kroemer, Hintz to approve the monthly financial report.  Ayes:  All.

M/S Kroemer, Hamdorf to approve the following permits:  Good Times-liquor license, pending the dram shop liability certificate is received, building permits for Sam Tika-house, David Hintz-deck around pool, Lowden Insurance Agency-handicapped ramp at former Sun-News office, Barbara Schnede-deck, and Wes Griesbach-duplex, pending approval by the Board of Adjustment.  Ayes:  All.

Clerk will ask Maurer Agency if the deductibles on the City’s insurance policy can be raised now or only when renewing the policy.

Councilman Clark asked who was in charge of the Fire Department. According to the City’s ordinance, the Mayor supervises all departments of the City, but the fire chief has the authority to command all operations of its department.  

Councilman Clark also asked the City Clerk what happens to the tapes of recorded council meetings.  Clerk said the tapes are kept in a locked file but are a matter of public record.  Closed session meeting tapes are not for public record.

Council briefly discussed summer street work and the proposal from MSI.  They estimated the cost for summer work at $23,184.45.  Council did not want to sealcoat any alleys.

M/S Kroemer, Hintz to adjourn at 9:02 PM.  Ayes:  All. Next regular meeting is August 4, 2003, 7:00 PM.

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