The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Reuben Wenndt. Councilmembers present on roll call: Conrad, Hamdorf, Decker, Kroemer. Absent: Gottschalk. Visitors: Tim Burmeister, Kent Strackbein, Janice Strackbein, Jason Miller, Amanda Becker, Brandy Lundy, Bill Norton, Kent Stout, Lyle Fitch, Dan Hannes, Mark Schneider, Pat Kroemer.

M/S Kroemer, Hamdorf to approve the minutes of the 7-6-04 meeting. Ayes: All.

M/S Conrad, Decker to approve payment of the bills as presented. Ayes: All.

Cedar County Sheriff, Dan Hannes, presented a monthly report for July to the council. One area of concern Sheriff Hannes stressed to the council was that anyone operating a golf cart on public streets must have a valid driver’s license.

The City received information from ten engineering firms interested in Lowden’s water tower project. Council decided to rate the engineers on a rating criteria sheet supplied by ECIA. Two or three of the highest rated firms will be interviewed at a special council meeting on August 17, 2004, 6:30 PM.

Amanda Becker, Little Home Day Care Center Director, updated the council on their plans to apply for a CDBG grant for a proposed day care/preschool facility at the elementary school. Mark Schneider, ECIA, said the City can support a CDBG application of this type, along with Lowden’s application for a water tower grant, since it is comes from different funding. After discussion, M/S Conrad, Hamdorf to have the City support an application for a CDBG grant for a proposed daycare/preschool facility on behalf of Little Home Day Care Center. Ayes: All.

Kent and Janice Strackbein were present with concerns about Sam Tika’s new house to the north of theirs dumping all the sump pump water and eavespout drainage onto their property. Council discussed the tiling behind the properties as well. Council decided Mayor Wenndt will speak to Tika and tell him he must install a solid tile around his house. This tile will then run to the rear of his property and hook onto the City’s tile behind the properties affected. Tim Burmeister will also get a quote from Junior Yutesler for approximately 165’of new tile running north and south behind those properties.

Tim Burmeister will speak to Wayne Behne about the creek bank behind Behne’s property. Burmeister will remind him in June 2003, the City said they would furnish poles and planks for Behne’s creek bank if Behne would install them.

Two bids for the required audit of every 4th year for the City were received. Ann Menke, CPA, West Point, Iowa, bid $7000 to audit FY04 for the City. The Auditor of State bid $5475. M/S Kroemer, Decker to have the Auditor of State perform the City’s audit for FY04 at a cost of $5475. Ayes: All.

Mayor Wenndt presented a quote from Strackbein’s for a new backhoe for the City, price $6800 for a B60C. Council asked Mayor Wenndt to talk to Strackbein’s about a price for a different type of backhoe.

Council and maintenance men will continue to look for a used 1/2 T. truck from Kemmann’s, 1999 or newer and in the $10000 price range.

City Clerk will contact several roofing firms to look at the roof on City Hall. When firemen were cleaning gutters recently, they thought there could be holes in some areas of the roof.

Tim Burmeister will look at an area on 4th Street north of Everett Kruckenberg’s shop. The ditch may need to be dug out or a new culvert installed. Council also discussed the street north of James and Diana Thomas. The house is much lower than the street and heavy rainwater runs onto their property. Council said curb and gutter would help eliminate this problem.

Mayor Wenndt directed Galen Conrad who is on the City’s “Buildings Committee”, to obtain proper specifications for building permits in regard to height, type of structure, etc. and present the information at the September meeting.

Mayor Wenndt reported many Commercial Club members would like to see parking lines painted on Main Street, from Washington Ave. to McKinley Ave. Council decided when the summer street work is finished, the City’s maintenance men will paint parking lines on the Main Street block.

Bob Kroemer reported MSI will be in Lowden for summer street work in mid to late August.

Council discussed open burning in Lowden. Some of the council thought eliminating all burn barrels would help solve the problem.
M/S Decker, Conrad to eliminate all residential burn barrels in Lowden. Ayes: Decker, Conrad. Nays: Hamdorf, Kroemer. Motion failed.

Tim Burmeister reported he will be attending water and wastewater classes in August and September in LeClaire.

Gene Hamdorf will get estimates on insulation for the standpipe at the water tower.

M/S Kroemer, Hamdorf to approve the monthly financial report. Ayes: All.

M/S Decker, Conrad to approve the following permits: Legion-sidewalk permit and Outdoor Service Area permit, Kathy Hankemeier-shed, Dan Hamdorf-deck. Ayes: Decker, Conrad, Kroemer. Abstain: Hamdorf. Wes Griesbach’s request to add a 6’by 24’porch on the south side of his duplex north of the Post Office will be given to the Board of Adjustment for consideration.

An estimate of $590 was given by Turkles Tree Service, Stockton, to remove the tree and stump at 805 Jefferson Avenue. Council directed Clerk to contact Turkle to proceed with the work.

Clerk read a thank you from IA State University’s Summer Discovery Program director, Deb Storjohann, thanking the City for the use of a park shelter for their weeklong summer program.

M/S Kroemer, Conrad to adjourn at 9:22 PM. Ayes: All.

Due to the holiday, next regular meeting will be September 7, 2004, 7:00 PM.

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