The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Reuben Wenndt. Council members present on roll call: Conrad, Ryan, Olsen, Madden. Absent: Decker. Visitors: George Miller, Gene Hamdorf, Jan Olsen, Larry Wiebel, Heather Hunter, Pat Kroemer.

M/S Ryan, Olsen to approve the minutes of the 8/6/07 meeting. Ayes: All.

M/s Ryan, Olsen to approve payment of the bills as presented. Ayes: All. Mayor Wenndt will check with Niermeyer-Maurer Insurance on reimbursement for carpet cleaning expenses related to the tar problem on Washington Avenue.

Larry Wiebel, Lowden Sesquicentennial Committee, thanked the Mayor, Council, and City Clerk for the cooperation and help given for the celebration. Larry stated the celebration had a net profit in the range of $35,000. Their committee, plus representatives of several other organizations, will help decide what to use the money for. Chuck Ryan was appointed to represent the City Council on this committee. Written suggestions for community projects can be dropped off at City Hall by October 1.

Council discussed the street north of the new day care center. The street needs to be widened to allow for more parking and a turnaround area is needed before the bridge. The cost would be approx. $10,000 with no curb and gutter on the north side of the street.

There also appears to be a broken tile near the day care center with water surfacing in that area. M/S Ryan, Madden to have the City fix the water tile in the next week or two and begin street work on the north side of 8th Street in front of the day care center. Ayes: All.

Heather Hunter asked the council if the old day care center would be considered for use as a youth center. Council indicated they were not interested in taking over the liability of the building, or maintenance and utilities. Jan Olsen, Lowden Park Board, said they do not want the old day care center at the entrance of the Park. Council told Hunter the Little Home Day Care Center owns the building, not the City, but they would prefer the building be completely removed from the Park.

Hunter also said the playground equipment at the Park needs some repairs. Maintenance men will see what needs to be done.

George Miller had several complaints for the Council. He said gravel has washed from the alley behind him onto 9th Street and wants it scooped off the street. He stated there are rats and mice that come from the junk at his neighbor to the south. There is a 25’trailer parked at the rear of his neighbor’s property that obstructs Miller’s view to the church. He also said the neighbor lets his dog run loose. Mayor Wenndt and Gene Hamdorf will look at these complaints on Sept. 11 and get the gravel pushed off the street. George Miller also suggested a sign indicating the location of the ballpark for visitors looking for Lowden Memorial Park.

M/S Conrad, Ryan to accept the Statement of Final Completion and Owner’s Acceptance of Work at Little Home Childcare Center. Ayes: All.

M/S Ryan, Olsen to approve Resolution #08-07 to approve the contract for the 2007 IDED Housing Fund Grant administration to ECIA. Ayes: All.

M/S Madden, Ryan to approve Resolution #07-07, the FY07 street finance report. Ayes: All.

Council discussed the creek bank at Wayne Behne’s. Chuck Ryan had talked to Behne and he wanted the town to supply the materials and do the work to shore up the creek bank behind him to help prevent erosion. Mayor Wenndt and Gene Hamdorf will look at the creek bank area and see how many planks would be needed for the work. The City will offer the materials, but Behne will have to do the work.

Council discussed a Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program whereby the City could receive grant money for a generator for use at the water plant or sewer plant in case of an electrical outage. The grant could not exceed $3645 (75%) of the project costs, with the City providing at least $1215 (25%). Since the grant period is until 8/7/2009, Council directed Gene Hamdorf to get a price on a generator from Tipton Electric Motors and report back at the October meeting.

Clerk will contact McNeill’s Tree Service to look at a tree in poor condition at 300 Jefferson Avenue in the curb area and tell them to go ahead with the work, if needed.

M/S Conrad, Ryan to approve the monthly financial report. Ayes: All.

M/S Ryan, Madden to approve the following permits: Phyllis Fitzgerald-fence, and Debra Fish-sidewalk. Ayes: All.

Gene Hamdorf reported the ABS pump at the sewer plant is bad and needs to be replaced. It is only 1-1/2 to 2 yrs. old but there is no warranty on it. Council directed Gene to get a price for a new one and proceed with the order for the pump.

Gene also presented a price from Cortez Equipment, for a new spreader for sand/salt that will fit in the back of the 1-Ton truck, cost $3800-$4000. The old sander is 18 yrs. old and not very efficient.

M/S Ryan, Olsen to purchase a new sand/salt spreader from Cortez Equipment. Ayes: All.

Gene will get a price for a new test meter for the water plant and the item will be discussed at the October meeting.

Council discussed the leaf pickup schedule for fall. Pickup will probably begin the first week in October and Mondays and Thursdays will be designated days for leaf pickup. A firm schedule will be posted and published in the newspaper by the end of the month.

Clerk made note that several Ordinances already adopted had incorrect numbers and should be changed as follows: Ordinance #778 to #781, Ordinance #777 to #780, and Ordinance #779 to #782.

Council directed City maintenance men to mow the lawn at 108 Main Street and bill the residents $100 for mowing, since they ignored a prior notice to mow their lawn.

Council directed Clerk to contact the Cedar County Sheriff to issue citations to Wes Stender, 85 1st Street, who is in violation of the City’s junk car ordinance.

M/S Olsen, Ryan to adjourn at 8:52 PM, to Monday, October 1, 2007, 7:00 PM. Ayes: All.

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