The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Dan Hamdorf. Council persons present on roll call: Conrad, Ryan, Olsen, Decker, Hoffmeier. Visitors: Jan Olsen, Joy Combs, Rob Hunter, Clark Gordon, Larry Nagle, Gene Hamdorf, Renee Hogan, Bill Rohloff, Linda Rohloff, Kevin Lange, Tom Schwarz, David Schneider.

M/S Conrad, Olsen to approve the minutes of the 8/3/09 meeting. Ayes: All.

M/S Ryan, Decker to approve payment of the bills as presented. Ayes: All.
Tom Schwarz, Lowden Development Corporation, was present to ask the City's decision on a proposed water and sewer line extension to two lots on Main St. on the 3-30 Country Club property. After discussion, M/S Hoffmeier, Ryan to have the City run 200 feet of 6 inch sewer line, with two Y's and a cleanout, at an approximate cost to Lowden Development Corporation of $4100. Ayes: All.

Renee Hogan, Animal Care League of Cedar County, presented information to the council on their new organization in Tipton. Their goal is to open a new animal shelter in Tipton. As they begin to develop plans for a new shelter, she is asking for a letter of support from the City of Lowden for their project. M/S Hoffmeier, Decker to have Clerk send a letter from the City in support of the
plan to build a new animal shelter in Tipton by the Animal Care League of Cedar
County. Ayes: All.

Jan Olsen representing a group that is re-landscaping the City Park asked if the City would assist in removal of the sidewalks from the Park. She said new landscaping and sidewalks in the Park will be installed. The project will be paid from Sesquicentennial funds, a Cedar County grant, and they may ask for some additional funding from the City's Beautification fund. Landscaping on the north side of the Fire Station will also be redone to allow for proper water drainage. City Council told her the maintenance men will help with the sidewalk removal project in the City Park.

Bill and Linda Rohloff asked if the sewer backup problem at their residence on Harding Avenue could be investigated. They said the problem has gotten worse over the years and now, after one inch rains, they have backup in their basement. Gene said they will televise some of the sewer lines in that area to see what the problem is.

Rob Hunter, who bought a house at 505 Jefferson Ave. in June, asked about a leaking water shutoff at the curb at that location. Over a year ago, the former owners were sent a letter by the City to replace the non-working shutoff or the City would do the work and bill the homeowner accordingly. The City never did replace the curb stop. Gene Hamdorf said the curb stop replacement involves Alliant Energy moving a light pole close to the shutoff and Alliant never responded to a request to move the pole last year. In June 2009, Hunter told the City Clerk the shutoff was leaking, but he says he was not told he would have to pay to have it replaced. Hunter thought, since this was supposed to be repaired by the City before he purchased the house, he should not have to pay for a new curb stop. After discussion, M/S Olsen, Ryan to have the City pay for a new curb stop at 505 Jefferson Avenue. Ayes: Ryan, Olsen, Decker, Hoffmeier. Nays: Conrad.

Two bids were received for the 1977 Ford fire truck pumper. JJJ Enterprises bid $550 and Tharp Auto Body bid $810. M/S Ryan, Olsen to accept the bid of $810 from Tharp Auto Body for the 1977 Ford fire truck pumper. Ayes: All.

Larre Petersen will be asked to attend the October council meeting to discuss the City purchasing some of his land on south Yankee Avenue for a future wastewater plant project.

M/S Ryan, Hoffmeier to waive the second reading of Ordinance #786, Municipal Infractions, have the third reading and adopt Ordinance #786. Ayes: All.

Lisa Decker, City representative to Little Home Day Care Center, said there was a request from Little Home Day Care to waive the water, sewer, and garbage fees to help them in their financial situation. Some of the Council felt other groups may come with a request for the same waiver if the City approves this.
M/S Conrad, Ryan to deny the request to waive water, sewer, and garbage fees for Little Home Day Care Center. Ayes: Conrad, Ryan, Hoffmeier. Nays: Olsen, Decker.

A request for "Children at Play" signs near 702 5th Street was tabled until the October meeting.

Mayor Hamdorf will speak to Myra Barrette, 603 McKinley Avenue, about her request for "No Parking" signs on Park Avenue west of her property. The area is City right of way, even though it is a grassy area.

Council directed City Clerk to contact two tree trimming companies for an estimate to trim trees this fall which hang too low over the streets or sidewalks in Lowden. They will also be asked to trim trees at Lowden Memorial Park and the large tree west of City Hall.

Lisa Decker, Tree Committee, will check a tree with dead limbs west of the Post Office to see what trimming needs to be done there.

Barry Hoffmeier suggested a special yard waste and tree branch pick up day in Lowden. Gene Hamdorf said the City already picks up yard waste weekly if properly bundled or in yard waste bags.

Clerk will contact Niermeyer Insurance about coverage for a wastewater plant pump that burned out with a power surge in early summer. According to Gene Hamdorf, the cost to repair the pump is $3135., with a new pump price being $6137.

Kevin Lange was present to discuss various City-related issues with the Council.

M/S Decker, Conrad to approve the monthly treasurer's report. Ayes: All.

M/S Conrad, Ryan to approve the following permits: sidewalk-Robert Scheeper, garage-Brett Miller, grain bin-Ricky Schneider. Ayes: All.

Lisa Decker told the Council she would like to see the City incorporate a sidewalk replacement program with the curb and gutter project. Council will consider this for next year.

Gene presented a request from Mel Hamilton for installation of a culvert near his property on 4th St. and for the City to replace 60 ft. of a present connecting culvert. Issue will be placed on the October agenda and Hamilton will be asked to attend the meeting.

Council opened two bids for a shed extension that will connect with the current town shed. JJJ Enterprises bid $12519.27 for the 20' x 30' extension. Hunwardsen Construction bid $10260.00. M/S Decker, Olsen to accept the bid of $10260. from Hunwardsen Construction for the 20' by 30' extension on the town shed for storage of salt and sand. Ayes: Conrad, Ryan, Olsen, Decker. Abstain: Hoffmeier.

Gene Hamdorf had a request from Kevin Hartwig, property owner of the east side farm ground north of Lowden. Hartwig said the tile under the blacktop in the City limits appears to be plugged and water backs up on the east side in the ditch and field. Council told Gene to have this televised and after the findings are presented, the Council will decide if it's the City's responsibility to repair or replace the tile in that area.

Mayor Hamdorf said the Cedar County Sheriff told him, according to State law, the City cannot allow the use of a golf cart to deliver newspapers in Lowden.

Mayor directed Gene Hamdorf to patch ASAP the street on 8th Street/Washington Ave. where there was a water main break in July.

Galen Conrad will contact the City Attorney and Phil LaRue, Cedar County Public Health, concerning the fire-damaged Miller Apartment building and what can be done to speed up the demolition. Many concerns have been voiced to City officials about the hazards of the building with it not being boarded up, the sidewalks broken and unsafe, mold, dangerous leaning walls, etc.

Clerk asked the Council, after the issue with the water shut off repairs at Rob Hunter's property, if the plan is to replace other non-working shutoffs in town.
Mayor Hamdorf said they will work on it.

M/S Ryan, Decker to adjourn at 9:25 p.m. Ayes: All. Next regular meeting is October 5, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

Dan Hamdorf, Mayor
Peggy Kedley, City Clerk

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