The regular meeting of the Lowden City Council was called to order by Mayor Barry Hoffmeier. 

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Council members present on roll call:  Conrad, McCreight, Lange, Helmold.  Absent:  Olsen.

Visitors:  Pat Kroemer, Kirk Steinke, Derrick Lange, Kelvin Lange, David Sanders, Steve Noack, Mel Hamilton, Bill Norton.

M/S Helmold, Conrad to approve the consent agenda including minutes, bills and financial report.  Ayes:  All.

M/S McCreight, Lange to close the meeting and open the Public Hearing on the issuance of a $65,000 Sewer Revenue Loan and Disbursement Agreement.  Ayes:  All.

No written or oral objections were made during the Public Hearing.   The interim loan is a 3-year, 0% interest loan for engineering costs incurred during the design phase of the new proposed wastewater treatment plant. 

M/S McCreight, Lange to close the Public Hearing and open the meeting. Ayes:  All.

M/S McCreight, Helmold to approve Resolution #13-06 authorizing, approving and securing the payment of a $65,000 Sewer Revenue Loan and Disbursement Agreement Anticipation Project Note.   Ayes:  All. 

Mel Hamilton was present to discuss the drainage issue he has on his 4th Street property.  He said a few years ago the City replaced a 16” tube with a 12” tube along
4t Street and now water floods onto his property.  He also said after the 5th St. Place development was done, rain water comes heavily on his property unlike what it did before the development.  He presented pictures of his property showing the waterway. After discussion, Council decided Mel Hamilton should meet with Rex and Kirk to look over Hamilton’s property to try to identify the problem and come up with a solution to alleviate the flooding issue. 

Steve Noack, MMS Consultants, discussed the McKinley Avenue sewer/water/street project.   Noack said to comply with state regulations, public bidding must take place if the project cost is over $49,000.    The City would have to go out for full public bidding on the three areas that need to be completed for the project. They are storm sewer/grading-approx. $32,000, curb and gutter-$64,900, and final street grading and sealcoat-$60,000.    Work would not begin again until March 2014.   Some of the council felt the City should go out for competitive bids for the whole project and use a general contractor to oversee all three areas of work. Austin Lange inquired if a homeowner already has curb and gutter and it has to be torn out, do they have to pay for it again.   Noack felt all existing curb and gutter will match up with the new curb to be installed. 

Council directed Noack to go ahead and put together project specifications for the McKinley Avenue storm sewer, curb and gutter, and final street grading/sealcoating to be ready to go out for bidding in January 2014.  He will have the specs. ready for review by the City Council at the Dec. meeting.  

Mayor also asked Steve Noack to look into the Sidewalk to School  program whereby a grant application could be submitted for new sidewalks along 7th Street to the elementary school.

Steve Noack also discussed the CDBG application for grant funding for the proposed new wastewater plant.   ECIA is preparing the grant application.   Noack mentioned the application may be scored more favorably by the State if it is shown the City has proceeded with the design phase for a new wastewater plant.

M/S McCreight, Helmold to set a Public Hearing date of November 4, 2013, 5:30 PM, for the CDBG application for a new wastewater plant.  Ayes:  All.

Council discussed nuisance abatements.   Some council spoke directly to residents that had nuisances on their properties.   Council will submit addresses to City Hall of other nuisance violations so letters can be sent to those property owners. 

Kirk reported he will be cutting down the apple tree by the water tower this month.

Council set Trick or Treat hours for October 31, 5:00-7:00 PM.

M/S McCreight, Helmold to approve the following permits:  Schneid’s-liquor license pending dram shop insurance, building permits for Nick Kapinski-shed, David Sanders-shed, David Sanders-fence, pending a survey is conducted or survey pins are found on property.  Ayes:  All.   A building permit for a shed for Ryan Venditti was not approved, pending further information is received pertaining to the flood elevation on the property. 

Kirk reported leaf pickup will begin on October 10 and continue on Mondays and Thursdays throughout October and November, weather permitting.

Kirk told the council he will be putting up snow fences on west 5th St., by the water tower, and on north McKinley/west 10th Street to help eliminate him having to push snow onto other’s properties.

Kirk will be attending a water/wastewater workshop in Des Moines on Nov. 19-21.  Council told him to drive his own vehicle and he would be reimbursed mileage.

Due to the volume of garbage, City Council approved charging garbage fees to Little Home Day Care beginning Nov.1, at the 2 yd. dumpster rate of $34/month.

M/S Lange, McCreight to have Jason Conrad do the post-flood reconstruction at the wastewater plant lab building at a cost of $4490.  Ayes:  All.   JJJ Enterprises gave an estimate of $4643 to do the work.   Dry wall, cabinets, counter, and door will all be replaced.

Correspondence was received from LEDCO recommending the City reinstate their membership with CCEDCO.  This subject will be added to the November meeting agenda.

Austin Lange questioned why the maintenance men have so much overtime.   Kirk said he tries to take off early on Fridays if he has had overtime during the week.   Mayor said to be conscious of limiting overtime hours.

City will go out for bids for snow removal for the 2013-14 winter season to be returned by November 4, 2013, 12:00 PM.

Mayor and Chief Derrick Lange set up a time for the City Council to tour the Fire Station at the next council meeting on Nov. 4.

M/S McCreight, Helmold to adjourn at 8:50 PM.  Ayes:  All.

Next regular meeting is November 4, 2013, 5:30 PM.

Barry Hoffmeier, Mayor
Peggy Kedley, City Clerk

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